Hiring Tips: How to Recruit for Those Hard-to-Fill Positions in Your Organization

Trying to recruit for hard-to-fill positions is, well, extremely hard. Job recruiters and hiring managers nowadays truly have their work cut out for them. Finding qualified and suitable candidates to fill certain positions is almost impossible. There are countless reasons why certain roles in your company are harder to fill than others. The reality is… Read more »

Top Challenges and Strategies for Call Centre Recruitment

As far as the customer service industry goes, there’s no question that call centres have the highest employee and customer turnover and attrition rates. Customer service jobs can be cut-throat and the harsh reality is that not everyone has the thick skin, talent, or tenacity to stick it out. But a high turnover rate is… Read more »

Top Recruitment Metrics Your Company Should Track

Companies use various recruitment metrics to effectively measure the success and failure rates of their hiring processes. Essentially, this entails analyzing every aspect of your hiring process, regardless of how miniscule a role it plays, with the intent of determining its overall effect on the process as a whole. Every aspect of your hiring process… Read more »

Emerging Recruitment Strategies for 2019

With the dawn of a brand new year looming on the horizon, companies that are ahead of the curve are already beginning to plan and think about their candidate recruitment prospects for 2019. If you haven’t already started preparing your hiring strategy, then there’s no time like the present to get started. This is the… Read more »

Why Every Company Should Hire More Bilingual and Multilingual Employees

Over the years, an increasing number of small, medium, and large enterprises have begun to realize the advantages of increasing their repertoire of multilingual employees. These individuals are able to speak a minimum of two or more languages fluently and can communicate well with others in those languages. Their language acquisition and increased multitasking skills… Read more »

Holiday Recruitment: 8 Reasons to Recruit Talent During the Holiday Season

Every experienced recruiter knows that there are three primary recruitment times of the year: January when everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions, June when a lot of university and college graduates are looking for full-time jobs, and December when the holiday season hits. Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, it’s only fitting for… Read more »

Why Companies Are Hiring Recruitment Agencies in 2018

All recruiters that have been working in the industry for a number of years can attest to the fact that it’s highly important for companies to have a detailed hiring process in effect in order to guarantee that they’re considering the right candidates to work for them. Working with a high-end recruitment agency ensures that… Read more »

How to Effectively Recruit for Finance and Accounting Positions

Finance recruitment is a growing and prosperous industry and the process of hiring skilled financial workers that are a good fit for your institution or company has changed a great deal over the years. In the past, most accountants and financiers were pencil pushers who mostly performed data entry jobs and managed company finances. Modern… Read more »

How Recruiters Can Help You Avoid Making Bad Hires

Sometimes, bad hires happen to good companies and there’s no way to get around the truth, other than nipping it in the bud as soon as you realize that a certain partnership just isn’t working out. Candidates that seemed like an excellent fit for your company throughout the interviewing process might suddenly prove themselves to… Read more »

Overcoming Insurance Recruitment Challenges

Currently, the insurance and asset management industry is experiencing a major change due to a series of factors, primarily an aging workforce that’s eagerly gearing up for retirement and a new wave of Millennial workers, ready to enter the job force. The most pressing question currently facing this ever-expanding industry is what steps need to… Read more »