Hiring Tips: How to Recruit for Those Hard-to-Fill Positions in Your Organization


Trying to recruit for hard-to-fill positions is, well, extremely hard. Job recruiters and hiring managers nowadays truly have their work cut out for them. Finding qualified and suitable candidates to fill certain positions is almost impossible.

There are countless reasons why certain roles in your company are harder to fill than others. The reality is that many jobs that exist today didn’t exist just a few short years ago. And that means that many current candidates probably don’t have the proper training or technical skills to perform these jobs.

To circumvent these formidable challenges, recruiters are forced to think outside the box when devising creative recruitment strategies. Here are a few useful hiring tips you can use to hire the right candidates for your business.

Find Out Why the Position Is Hard to Fill

Is the job simply too new? Or is it undesirable? Are you offering an appropriate wage for the position? Determining why you’re having such a difficult time filling certain positions is the first step to solving the problem. This is a good time for some reflection on the way your company does things. And perhaps it’s also a good time to start looking at what your competitors are doing differently and how their strategies are contributing to their success.

Ask for Employee Referrals

No, this isn’t one of those “desperate times call for desperate measures” scenarios. No one knows your company values better than the people that work for you. Asking your employees for referrals improves your chances of hiring a suitable candidate who will fit in well with your company culture. Employees have vast social networks of family members, friends, former coworkers and acquaintances that could be excellent fits for the job. Offering desirable incentives is a great way to engage your employees.

Broaden Your Talent Search

Don’t just rely on one small talent network to find your next best employee. Use social media marketing. Ask your friends and colleagues if they know someone who would be appropriate for the position. Talk to your neighbours and family members. Broadening your talent search extends to the people in your personal life as well as your professional life. Everyone is a potential candidate, even if they’re not actively looking for a new job.

Provide Complete Training and Resources for Your Employees

New and existing employees alike need proper training, assistance, and support. These are the key ingredients to ensuring their success and longevity with your company. Make sure you offer them comprehensive training from the very beginning and encourage them to never stop learning. Offer a wide range of resources to help them get accustomed to their new positions and accept the fact that with every new hire, there’s always going to be a learning curve until they get used to the position.

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