Recruitment for the warehousing, logistics, freight, and shipping industries routinely faces challenges. The work required for warehouse jobs and similar industry work is very physical-intensive and regrettably few are able to handle such tasks routinely and with the efficiency needed for a well-oiled operation. Additionally, there is a high volume of turnover because of seasonal shifts, leading to a high percentage of temporary workers that needs to be constantly refreshed as project needs change. Constantly finding not only reliable, but safety-conscious temporary workers is not always easy. It’s also difficult to find the experienced personnel required for management positions, as these candidates need to have extensive experience in warehouse management and logistics.

All of this leads to employee turnover and forces managers to take time away from their regular duties to solicit applications, sift through resumes, interview people until the best candidate is found, and then possibly repeat the whole process again if the new worker doesn’t manage to cut it. It is for reasons like this that staffing agencies exist.

Logistics Recruitment and Warehouse Staffing Solutions

Find and Manage Talent
Recruitment centres serve as gatekeepers and filters that do much of the preliminary work on your behalf, regardless of whether you are using them as a warehousing temp agency or are seeking full-time management. Recruiters will keep your specific needs and preferences in mind as they look through and consider resumes. It is the duty of a recruitment agency to make sure that no applicant gets through to you—only viable candidates.

The Web of Recruitment
It helps to think of a staffing agency as the middle spoke of a wheel or the center of a web with lines extending outward in all directions. Whether looking for regular warehousing jobs or trying to get something as high-level as warehouse management, recruiters have access to a large number of potential applicant pools. This allows you to use a single-source solution for staffing instead of spreading yourself thin by trying to post your opening on every available platform. This also helps when trying to fill a permanent management role, as recruitment agencies will be able to narrow down the pool to find the candidates that have the most relevant experience.

Save Resources and Time
As mentioned above, it takes considerable time and money to recruit, train, and potentially lose an unsuitable applicant. One of the key benefits of using a staffing firm is that the personal cost to you and your business is kept to a minimum. By only having to assess and interview the most promising candidates, you can spend more time actually managing your business. Furthermore, recruiters only send candidates that they think would be a good fit for your job, meaning anyone you do choose to hire has a much better chance of sticking around and becoming a valuable contributor.

Finding Candidates for All Positions
There is a broad spectrum of roles in any warehousing environment. Every employee, from order pickers to supply chain and logistics analysts to warehouse managers all have their parts in making sure operations go smoothly, safely, and effectively. To promote this, recruiters evaluate candidates from multiple dimensions to see which positions they are most suited for. A candidate may not be the perfect fit for one of your positions, but they could easily be suited for another without realizing it. This sort of multi-angular approach is one of the ways recruiters can help fill vacancies and promote overall retention as well.

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