Are you looking to utilize a staffing agency to handle your hiring needs? If so, while conducting research on your short-list of candidates, consider Resolve Recruit Inc. On the surface, many recruiters can appear similar—but upon closer inspection, some offer better staffing solutions than others.

What Makes Us So Special?

Our process is unique in that we strive to find the perfect fit for each potential hire. This means we have expert recruiters on staff using a systematic approach to evaluate candidates.

Our Search Process

There are several steps to our procurement of suitable job candidates. We put emphasis in every area so that potential recruits are given fair, accurate, and rigorous assessments of their talent and matched with the ideal opportunity suited to their attributes.

1. Client Meeting

The very first steps involve us learning directly about your business, your company mandate, and the specific type of candidate who you believe will excel at your company. You can also take this time to understand more about the people and methods that we utilize to get the best results.

2. Searching

We have an effective network of recruiters that have a frequently-updated database consisting of thousands of candidates who are actively engaged in a job search. Our online postings, as well as other initiatives, are also highly successful at attracting top talent.

3. Assessment

Our process of assessing candidates is thorough, saving you time. We meet each prospect, performing detailed questioning. Learning the strengths of each individual candidate allows us to more easily facilitate the entire process.

4. Interview

We arrange interviews where you can see the final results of our selection process. Depending on your needs, this can happen on-site at your offices, off-site at our offices, via telephone, or via video conference.

5. Shortlisting

You can select the top names for the job. We continue to manage prospective applicants, freeing you from any handholding or the need to field inquiries.

6. Background Checks & Screening

Our years of experience allow us to quickly and efficiently run background checks and/or call references, if required. We then provide you with clear, succinct reports of our findings.

7. Selection & Hiring

You are completely in charge of the selection process. We only stop working when you are satisfied and have found the right candidate(s) you wish to hire.

8. Follow-up

We maintain strong communication with your organization and the candidate to ensure a solid fit. All questions, concerns, or feedback is taken into account. If any further services or support from us is needed, we are fully available.

Our Services

If you’re looking for one of the top staffing agencies located in Mississauga for help with your job search, consider tapping into our expertise at Resolve Recruit Inc. We’ve been connecting highly-skilled people with great companies to work for within the GTA since 1999. Contact us today to learn more about jobs and other services we offer.