Bilingual professionals provide expert service that extends far beyond an additional tongue. This is because soft skills such as “hard worker,” “driven,” and “willing to learn new skills” are difficult, if not impossible, to train. It is also hard for potential employers to get a sense of these skills just from a resume since different people can mean different things with those phrases. Bilingualism, on the other hand, is a clear representation of a core soft skill that can help you grow your business regardless of whether the employee is temporary, temporary-to-hire, or a permanent hire. Resolve Recruit Inc. understands this and we pride ourselves on offering talented recruits for bilingual jobs in Toronto and elsewhere for a variety of industries and positions.

What Bilingual Employees Bring

  • Bilingual professionals are more sociable and have better communication skills. This is because learning a second or third language relies a lot on identifying and expressing key parts of ideas.
  • Similarly, bilingualism also means a better ability to listen and talk in a clear manner. It’s a natural result of regularly keeping one language “on” and another “off.”
  • They are willing and able to commit to long-term projects.
  • They can make it easier to connect with foreign customers or expand into ethnic markets.
  • Enhanced customer service for multicultural areas, especially in cities as diverse as Toronto.
  • Even if a bilingual employee isn’t hired for copywriting work, it can never hurt to have a second set of eyes to catch embarrassing translation mistakes.

What Resolve Recruit Inc. Offers

As the go-to recruitment agency in the Greater Toronto Area, Resolve Recruit Inc. is able to offer experts to fill bilingual jobs in Toronto and the GTA for any position and across every industry. We offer multilingual speakers in English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin so that your business can communicate with a wide swath of different cultures, customers, and clients.

We offer talented bilingual workers to any of our areas of specialization, including accounting, administrative work, banking and finance, call centres, human resources, insurance and reinsurance, marketing and sales, logistics, supply chain, production and processing, and healthcare. Whether you need someone to fill in for a secretary or to replace a director, Resolve Recruit Inc. can provide the right employee every time.

Feel free to contact us at or call (905) 568 8500 to learn more about the different positions we have available and how Resolve Recruit Inc. can match your needs to the best bilingual seasonal, temporary, temporary-to-hire, or permanent hire candidates across Mississauga, Toronto, and beyond.