Toronto is one of Canada’s largest cities and has the fifth highest population in all of North America. This means that there are boundless job opportunities teeming throughout numerous vibrant, active communities, with plenty of eager and capable people ready to get to work. Unfortunately, finding workers isn’t quite the same as finding the right talent, and a different task altogether from finding people who can both do the job you need and be a good fit for your business’s unique workplace culture. This is where employment agencies come into play. Resolve Recruit Inc. is a Mississauga-based employment agency that strives to offer employment agencies in Toronto and beyond the best candidates for their individual needs.

Search, Find and Connect with the Right Candidates

Resolve Recruit Inc. goes beyond the job description to meet your needs, goals, and work environment and culture. This can mean finding you the right bilingual professional to service customers and clients in both French and English or looking for candidates who are fine with late or early hours or any other scheduling need. We have access to hundreds of applicants ready for temporary,temporary-to-hire, and direct hire positions.

Connecting Employers with Candidates

Resolve Recruit Inc. links employment agencies in Toronto with candidates from across the GTA for even the most hard-to-fill positions. We can offer vetted bilingual applicants, accounting and finance professionals, logistics professionals, call centre staff, auditors, brokers, underwriters, nurses, sales managers, and promotional assistants, just to name a small selection.

Getting the Right Fit

Resolve Recruit Inc. is an employment agency that strives to make sure candidates fit not only the job, but also the workplace. Maybe your employees have a sense of humour not everyone can appreciate, or you need someone who can stay focused amidst a noisy flurry of office activity. The more a candidate can mesh with your workplace culture and expectations, the better they can work with your existing staff and form successful working relationships.

Feel free to contact us at or call (905) 568 8500 to learn more about the different positions we can fill and how Resolve Recruit Inc. can match the needs of your employment agency in Toronto to the best candidates possible.