In order to stay on top of competitors, expand operations, replace lost staff, or prepare for seasonal spikes, you need top-quality employees. Needing employees and finding them, however, are two very different things. This is where recruitment agencies like Resolve Recruit Inc. come into play. We are a recruitment firm located in Mississauga that can provide your business with talented candidates for a variety of temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire positions.

Simplifying Staffing and Recruitment in Mississauga

For any business, but especially small companies and startups, time is money. The hours you spend sifting through resumes and interviewing applicants is time not spent growing your business and attending to your existing workers. Resolve Recruit Inc. simplifies this process by being both your advertiser and your gatekeeper. Our experienced recruiters can assess a wide swath of candidates and target those who best fit your positions’ needs. We perform interviews to assess interests and ability and to get a feel for how well the applicant might fit with your company. Rather than a deluge of cover letters and resumes, you will only receive the candidates that our recruiters feel would best succeed at the job.

One of the primary benefits of this method is that it saves both time and money, freeing up more resources so you can get back to what you and your business need as opposed to what the employee search demands.

Serving Businesses Across Industries

Resolve Recruit Inc. provides talented candidates to employers from numerous sectors of the business world. Our recruiters can help fill positions across any of our many specialized areas.

  • Accounting: Directors, bookkeepers, accountants, auditors
  • Administration: Business and office managers, assistants, data entry, clerks, paralegals
  • Banking & Finance: Financial, credit and business analysts, mortgage advisors
  • Call Centre: Customer service representatives, collection agents, help desk agents
  • Healthcare: Case managers, directors of care, nurses
  • Human Resources: Directors, managers, recruiters, generalists and more.
  • Insurance & Reinsurance: Brokers, underwriters, treaty specialists, claims adjusters
  • Logistics: Plant managers, millwrights, purchasing managers, buyers, forklift operators, packers
  • Marketing and Sales: Managers, merchandisers, promotional representatives, customer service workers

And these are just a sampling of the positions we fill; there are many more!

On top of all of these, we pride ourselves on being able to provide expert bilingual professionals across all industries so that your business can succeed in English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Resolve Recruit, Inc. is one of the leading recruitment firms in the Mississauga and Toronto areas. We match skilled workers with a variety of businesses for both temporary and direct-hire positions. Learn more by contacting us at or call (905) 568 8500.