How to Choose a Recruitment Agency

All recruitment agencies provide the same basic service—matching employers with potential employees. How they go about this, however, can vary wildly from one agency to the next. Depending on industry, position sought, and geography, some employment agencies will be more suitable for your needs than others regardless of whether you’re an employer or an employee…. Read more »

Staffing Agencies: How Do They Work?

Employment always has two sides; the employer with a job opening, and the job seekers who are looking to be hired. Filling or finding a job is an intense, time-consuming operation as applicants are sifted through, applications are filled out, and hopes are raised and dashed. This is why staffing agencies in Mississauga and Toronto… Read more »

How Bilingualism Makes Employees Stand Out

Consider two resumes. Both have the same level of education and work experience. In fact, they are identical except for one key difference: the first resume mentions that the applicant is bilingual. This first resume is significantly more likely to get picked than the second. Bilingual individuals enjoy higher employment rates and better job prospects… Read more »

Resolve Recruit’s Quick – Resume Reminders

YOU’ve done the hard work to find a great opportunity matching your skills. What can you do to showcase YOUR talent?

Resolve Recruit Inc is happy to share our quick resume reminders for Resume Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Summarize your relevant experience in a profile summary of qualifications
  • Include Full Employment Dates. This ALONE tells the screener that you ARE detail-oriented
  • ALWAYS use  spell-check!
  • Confirm your contact information is CURRENT
  • Prepare and attach your resume is both MS Word and PDF Format. Cover ALL your bases


  • Include a Profile Picture. A link to your LinkedIn Professional Profile is more effective.
  • Multiple Fonts And Format Styles takes away rather than adds to your material
  • Red is not acceptable
  • Listing your experience in a conversational format is not  professional. It does not prompt the hiring manager to contact you
  • Spelling & Grammatical Errors. (Spell-Check is only one click away!)


Create A Resume with an EDGE!  Resolve Recruit Inc is ready to help YOU succeed

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9 Steps to Ace your Skype interview

Interviews are necessary part of the hiring process. The teleconference / Skype interview is becoming more popular way of interviewing. In face-to-face interviews, as the interviewee you’re in the hot seat and concerned with making the best first impression. Nerve-wracked, your next answer can make or break your shot at securing your dream job. The… Read more »

Resolve Recruit Launches a New Look and a New Website

Resolve Recruit, a leading provider of recruiting services across the Greater Toronto Area, has launched both a new logo and a new website to go with their new name! You can see all of these exciting changes at Headquartered in Mississauga, Resolve Recruit serves the GTA including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan,… Read more »