9 Steps to Ace your Skype interview


Interviews are necessary part of the hiring process. The teleconference / Skype interview is becoming more popular way of interviewing. In face-to-face interviews, as the interviewee you’re in the hot seat and concerned with making the best first impression. Nerve-wracked, your next answer can make or break your shot at securing your dream job. The Skype interview albeit a different medium can also be just as intimidating.

Resolve Recruit has 9 steps to ace your next Skype Interview!


  1. Prepare! Keep in mind you are in control of what appears on your interviewer’s screen! You are on video with a potential employer.


  1. Consider the lighting. Adjust the lighting in the room you will be interviewing in. Make sure your interviewer will be able to see you.


  1. Consider your surroundings – You should remove things like photos, posters and anything inappropriate that may be found in the background. You want to be careful of the impression you make.


  1. Keep a Quiet Environment – Don’t decide to host your interview at a noisy coffee shop or when the kids are home running around.


  1. Think about the alignment of your camera and screen. You may not be making eye contact with the interviewer and this can prevent developing a connection.


  1. Think about your verbal communication and body language. You will need to develop a connection with the interviewer as quickly as possible speak clearly and confidently. Your non-verbal communication is equally as important as what you say: make lots of eye contact, smile and sit up straight with good posture.


  1. Dress for Success. You’ll only be seen from the waist up, so you might be tempted to dress down, but this can be risky.  Wearing business professional dress may make you feel the part and help with your performance throughout the interview.


  1. Practice! Consider doing a mock interview. Consider recording yourself ahead of time and playing it back later to make improvements.


  1. Prepare for the worse. There is always the possibility for technical problems. Make sure you know who is making the call and sign in early. Download Skype or other your video conferencing software well in advance.   If technical problems cannot be fixed, suggest rearranging the call or using a phone for the audio, and Skype for the video.

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