Benefits of Hiring Bilingual Candidates for Customer Service Agencies

Customer service agencies have a heightened interest in recruiting bilingual candidates compared to many other types of businesses. Although there are other types of bilingual jobs and bilingual workers in general provide many benefits, the high level of public and customer interaction seen by customer service agents means that bilingual candidates will be able to… Read more »

How Bilingualism Can Benefit Your Career

The job market is highly competitive, and job seekers are under constant pressure to outperform one another for the sometimes seemingly elusive prize of proper employment. It is therefore important for job seekers to find ways to distinguish themselves and better stand out from the crowd. One such method can be through bilingualism. The ability… Read more »

How to Test the Skills of a Bilingual Candidate

When you are evaluating a bilingual candidate, it is important to understand how well they can communicate in their second tongue. This is not just a simple matter of making sure they can translate or speak a few sentences since there is a large difference between speaking a language and communicating in it. Here are… Read more »

Industries in Need of Bilingual Job Seekers

Canada is an extremely diverse country that is home to a great deal of different languages. About 20% of the population speaks a language at home other than English or French, which means that there are over six million people who are most comfortable interacting in a language other than the nation’s official tongues. Due… Read more »

Top Tips for Hiring Bilingual Candidates in Canada

Canada is a rich, multicultural nation that has a large number of bilingual job seekers that your company may wish to engage. Although hiring bilingual agents is largely the same as any other type of job, there are certain additional considerations that should be kept in mind in order to make the process more effective… Read more »

Top Skills for High-Performing, Bilingual Call Centre Agents

Call centre agents are often on the front line of customer interactions. Consequently, this means that their interactions with customers will have a strong influence in shaping their experience and overall willingness to do business with your company in the future. Having bilingual call centre or customer service agents is a good start to making… Read more »

Recruiting Metrics to Keep an Eye On

Recruitment agencies can be key players in implementing your company’s hiring strategy. Figuring out whether that strategy is working, however, is something only you can do directly. This is because many of the most important recruiting metrics only come to light after the hiring process is complete and when you are able to actually see… Read more »

Tips for Effective Communication with a Staffing Agency

Using a staffing agency to meet your company’s hiring needs is a common practice that can get you talented recruits. While the agency’s recruiters will be taking care of much of the work associated with finding and selecting candidates for your approval, it is important to remember that this is not a “fire and forget”… Read more »

Why Recruitment Agencies Are Best for Controlling Cost Per Candidate

Recruitment agencies offer a key set of services that provide important and often essential benefits to companies. Not only do they make finding qualified, talented candidates easier, they also help reduce hiring costs and can dramatically improve your cost-per-candidate efficiency. This is not because of any special technique or unique process; rather these benefits are… Read more »