Benefits of Hiring Bilingual Candidates for Customer Service Agencies


Customer service agencies have a heightened interest in recruiting bilingual candidates compared to many other types of businesses. Although there are other types of bilingual jobs and bilingual workers in general provide many benefits, the high level of public and customer interaction seen by customer service agents means that bilingual candidates will be able to offer more consistent and prevalent advantages.

Global Communication

When talking about bilingualism, most Canadians will assume this means English and French. While it can and often does refer to this, bilingual customer service agents can also mean so much more. One of the reasons that call centres have a lot of bilingual jobs, for instance, is to enable better communication on a global scale. Bilingual candidates can speak with international clients to build business and satisfy customers—enhancing the reach of a company’s operations while helping to keep manpower reasonable.

Efficient Processing of Information

Even if your business model encourages customer service agents to take their time with customers, there is still value to be had in being able to act efficiently and swiftly. One of the traits that bilingual speakers commonly share is that they are very good at focusing on and extracting the most salient points of any given batch of information. In addition to letting them translate more easily, fast information processing lets bilingual customer service agents more easily and efficiently understand a customer’s needs and relate necessary information towards their solutions.

recruiting bilingual candidates

Proofreading, Localization, and More

Although customer service agents are not normally connected to marketing or copy development, the influence these materials can have on their job and duties is easily seen. Confusing instructions and oddly-worded policies are common enough when dealing with primary languages, so imagine how much of a headache they can cause when a language barrier is thrown into the mix. Bilingual candidates can help aid in proofreading, translating, and otherwise ensuring that your materials are coherent and understandable in multiple languages. Even if a bilingual employee is not directly used in customer service, your agents will definitely appreciate their contributions.

Expand Services and Niches

Perhaps the most direct way that recruiting bilingual candidates for customer service positions can help your business is by expanding the number of people you can reach. It is not uncommon for customers who do not speak English (or do not speak it well) to avoid situations where this lack of proficiency comes on display. Being able to offer customer service in a person’s language of choice allows you to set them at ease and deliver aid in a way that they can be comfortable and confident in. This in turn will improve the customer experience overall as well as allow you to reach larger segments of the population.

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