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Top Recruitment Marketing Strategies for 2019

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Talent acquisition and retention is quite possibly one of the most challenging aspects of working as a team lead or manager—especially since the online recruitment marketing space is still in its infancy. Not only are recruiters forced to forge their own paths through a vast barrage of trial and error, but identifying the most appropriate… Read more »

Recruitment Tips: Are You Hiring for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities?

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Knowledge, skills, and abilities are all terms that are commonly used interchangeably by HR professionals. Although these terms are all inherently interrelated, there are subtle differences in their meanings that need to be acknowledged when they’re applied to specific recruitment strategies for each business. These terms are so similar and popular amongst hiring managers that… Read more »

Top Challenges and Strategies for Call Centre Recruitment

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As far as the customer service industry goes, there’s no question that call centres have the highest employee and customer turnover and attrition rates. Customer service jobs can be cut-throat and the harsh reality is that not everyone has the thick skin, talent, or tenacity to stick it out. But a high turnover rate is… Read more »

Why January Can Be the Best Time to Begin Your Job Search

Posted by Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or seeking a change that offers more responsibility or higher pay, January is the best time to begin your new job search. After all, the demand for employees in Canada is higher than ever thanks to a four-decade low in the national unemployment rate. With restful holidays behind you and… Read more »

Top 8 Recruitment Trends in 2018

Posted by Everyone is looking ahead to find out what the hottest recruitment trends will be for 2018. Leading staffing agencies and companies in particular are paying attention to the following areas. 1. Candidate Experience Today, it isn’t enough to select the right person. Companies know that by giving potential job candidates the very best experience,… Read more »

How to Recruit Leaders That Will Contribute to Your Business Growth

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Recruiting leaders is one of the most important tasks you’ll be faced with when it comes to the growth of your company. Recruiters have a different approach when it comes to finding ideal candidates for leadership roles within your business, and they tend to be a little more thorough. It’s extremely important that their values… Read more »

How Bilingual Are You? Ways You Can Apply for a Bilingual Job

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Can you speak another language, but aren’t sure whether that counts as being bilingual? Should you even tell employers that you’re bilingual? Well, there’s actually a system that classifies a candidate’s bilingual skills, so that they know how to specify their proficiency when applying for bilingual jobs. If you want to learn about how to… Read more »