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Why January Can Be the Best Time to Begin Your Job Search

Posted by Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or seeking a change that offers more responsibility or higher pay, January is the best time to begin your new job search. After all, the demand for employees in Canada is higher than ever thanks to a four-decade low in the national unemployment rate. With restful holidays behind you and… Read more »

Top 8 Recruitment Trends in 2018

Posted by Everyone is looking ahead to find out what the hottest recruitment trends will be for 2018. Leading staffing agencies and companies in particular are paying attention to the following areas. 1. Candidate Experience Today, it isn’t enough to select the right person. Companies know that by giving potential job candidates the very best experience,… Read more »

7 Major Misconceptions about Recruitment Agencies That Job Seekers Have

Posted by There are quite a lot of job seekers misconceptions when it comes to recruitment agencies. Let’s address these recruitment myths so that anyone seeking a job in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) knows the truth. You Can Only Get an Entry-Level Job Recruiters are used by companies to fill every kind of job in… Read more »

How to Recruit Leaders That Will Contribute to Your Business Growth

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Recruiting leaders is one of the most important tasks you’ll be faced with when it comes to the growth of your company. Recruiters have a different approach when it comes to finding ideal candidates for leadership roles within your business, and they tend to be a little more thorough. It’s extremely important that their values… Read more »

How Bilingual Are You? Ways You Can Apply for a Bilingual Job

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Can you speak another language, but aren’t sure whether that counts as being bilingual? Should you even tell employers that you’re bilingual? Well, there’s actually a system that classifies a candidate’s bilingual skills, so that they know how to specify their proficiency when applying for bilingual jobs. If you want to learn about how to… Read more »

Tips for Warehouse Staffing and How a Staffing Agency Can Help

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Warehousing employment isn’t historically a demanding field, but the importance of warehouse staffing is increasing with the rise of e-commerce businesses across the globe. With more and more people shopping online during the holidays and throughout the year, distribution centres and warehouses have become high in demand, and so have their staff. Are you looking… Read more »

What You Should Know About a Company Before Going for an Interview

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So, you have an interview at a big company coming up—how should you prepare? Going over the basic interview questions pertinent to your desired role or industry is definitely a good place to start, but it’s also a good idea to bone up on information about the company itself, too. Learning some employer information before… Read more »

How to Find the Right Candidates for Your Company’s Temporary Staffing Needs

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Finding applicants looking for temporary jobs can be a time-consuming task, since almost everyone is after permanent employment. You want to score the best candidates, but you can’t lie about the employment term—and while mentioning that there’s potential to extend the employment term may attract some initial applicants, it might not be enough to get… Read more »

Call Centre Recruitment Tips: Hiring the Right Agent for Your Call Centre

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Call centre recruitment is a job on its own—call centre staffing has a notoriously high turnover rate, which can be a nightmare for recruiters. How can you handle constantly hiring for a call centre when you have several other responsibilities to take care of? Fortunately, there are call centre recruitment agencies available to help when… Read more »

How to Overcome the Top Recruiting Challenges Faced by HR Professionals

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Human resource professionals have one of the most important positions in companies when it comes to creating an efficient and functional work environment. It’s up to them to overcome the challenges of hiring new employees to find candidates who not only meet their requirements, but also who are a cultural fit and will get along… Read more »