The Benefits of Temporary Staffing Services

There are a number of events, both expected and not, that can cause your business to suddenly need more employees in the short term. Seasonal peaks, special projects or expansions, and multiple employees falling ill at once are examples of what can cause a need for short-term hiring. Attempting to handle the extra demand with… Read more »

Resolve Recruit Weighs in on Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario

Resolve Recruit, (, a leading provider of recruiting services across the Greater Toronto Area, is weighing in on and explaining the changes to the minimum wage that came into place at the beginning of October. The changes are the result of legislation that the Wynne government passed last fall and have tied increases to the… Read more »

Why Your Business Needs a Recruiting Agency

Regardless of whether you are looking for a temporary replacement, a new entry-level employee, or some fresh blood in management, a recruitment agency can always be of service. While it may be possible to find candidates on your own, the truth is that recruitment agencies offer benefits not possible when going it alone. A Massive… Read more »