Resolve Recruit Weighs in on Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario


Resolve Recruit, (, a leading provider of recruiting services across the Greater Toronto Area, is weighing in on and explaining the changes to the minimum wage that came into place at the beginning of October.

The changes are the result of legislation that the Wynne government passed last fall and have tied increases to the minimum wage to the rate of inflation. The new minimum wage was announced on April 1, 2015 but takes effect on October 1, 2015.

“The change is a big plus for workers since it prevents their wages from falling behind and getting devalued while waiting for legislation to catch up,” observes Kim Muir, the Managing Director of Resolve Recruit. “The law provides an automated mechanism to keep things current.”

The exact increase workers receive depends on their sector. The minimum wage differs for student workers and those in liquor services and home workers. Generally speaking, most employees will see their minimum wage rise about 25 cents.

“The general minimum wage is now $11.25, up from a flat $11, and the student minimum wage is now $10.55, up from $10.30,” explains Muir. “Homeworkers saw a slightly larger increase, as their minimum is now $12.40, up from $12.10, but it is more or less the same, proportionally.

For general minimum wage workers on a 40-hour work week, the increase will net them an additional $10 per week. “It is not enough to, say, let someone afford a better apartment or car, but an extra $40 each month can be surprisingly helpful in managing small but unexpected costs. At minimum the money can be put aside for savings,” Muir notes.

The change has positioned Ontario as having the second highest minimum wage in the country. First place belongs to the Northwest Territories, which has a $12.50 minimum wage.

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