How to Find and Hire Great Customer Service Representatives

Hiring good customer service representatives is always a boon for any business. Customer service is a frontline position and employees who can skillfully engage customers will help them leave satisfied and willing to give you their business again in the future. Finding good candidates for customer service representatives can be tricky, though, just like finding… Read more »

Resolve Recruit Talks Engagement After Deloitte Survey

Resolve Recruit Inc. (, one of Mississauga’s leading employment agencies, is commenting on recent findings by Deloitte that show divisions in how employers and employees are prepared to deal with engagement issues in the workplace. The survey of 200 Canadian workers not only shows that almost 60% of employees think their employers aren’t ready to… Read more »

How to Use Different Types of Candidate Assessment Tests

“Pre-employment screenings” is the term used to describe various employment assessment tests that are used to help learn more about an applicant’s skills and abilities. The exact timing of a candidate assessment test can vary, with some companies preferring to use them before the final interview and some using them before the first, for instance…. Read more »

Resolve Recruit Talks LinkedIn’s Most-Sought Skills

Resolve Recruit, Inc. ( one of Mississauga’s leading employment agencies, is weighing in on a release by networking web site LinkedIn of what it has deemed the most sought-after skill sets for 2016. How these skills can apply to Canada—and the Canadian jobseeker—will be an important reflection of how the job market will be shaped… Read more »

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Recruitment Agency

Any business that is looking for help in filling positions will quickly discover that there are numerous recruitment agencies available to help. It can be redundant and ineffective to spread yourself out amongst multiple recruitment firms, however, so it’s important to narrow down your options to using just one or two recruitment agencies. Figuring out… Read more »