Resolve Recruit Talks LinkedIn’s Most-Sought Skills


Resolve Recruit, Inc. ( one of Mississauga’s leading employment agencies, is weighing in on a release by networking web site LinkedIn of what it has deemed the most sought-after skill sets for 2016. How these skills can apply to Canada—and the Canadian jobseeker—will be an important reflection of how the job market will be shaped in the current year. (Source: Murthy, S., “The 25 Skills That Can Get You Hired in 2016,” LinkedIn Official Blog, January 12, 2016;

“In Canada, there is a strong showing of software-related skills,” notes Kim Muir, the managing director of Resolve Recruit, Inc. “The top five, for instance, are statistical analysis and data mining, middleware and integration software, storage systems and management, software revision control systems, and web architecture and development.”

Other software and programming skills, such as mobile development, data engineering, and network security, all ranked quite high as well. Interestingly, programming languages like Perl, Python, and Ruby only ranked at #12 while more business-focused skills, like economics and business intelligence, were #24 and #20 respectively.

“It shows that what companies are looking for most are skills that can turn existing ideas into products or that can advance and maintain current products. Management and business skills are a more secondary matter—useful, but not the most prioritized.”

For job hunters, or those looking to find new employment, the rankings can offer insights into what their prospects would be like.

“This shows, for instance, that someone who is trained in data mining has the most in-demand skill for 2016. Job hunters could adjust their resumes or cover letters in order to emphasize this ability and they can expect to find more work in that field,” explains Muir.

The rankings can even prove useful for jobseekers that do not possess information technology or programming skills.

“Taking a course in a programming language or getting education about software development can be done to get more familiar with the workings of the companies that favour these skills. That way, a candidate can be seen as more informed and viable even if they are applying for, say, a marketing or human resources-based job,” Muir concludes.

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