How Recruitment Agencies Help You Hire the Best Cultural Fit


A candidate’s cultural fit within a company refers to the likelihood of them being able to conform and adapt to the core values and collective behaviours that make up a workplace, and get along with others. It’s important for recruitment agencies to find applicants that would be a cultural fit in the workplace, since them fitting in with the rest of employees will have a lot to do with their success within the company. As a recruitment agency, it’s our responsibility to take note of the job culture and find people who have the teamwork skills, work productivity, and team-building attitude to match. If you’ve ever wondered what interview questions recruiters ask to assess cultural fit, keep on reading.

Questions to Ask when Seeking the Best Cultural Fit

How Do You Interact with Other Employees?

This interview question can help recruiters determine whether a candidate is a good cultural fit since it can give some insight into their social habits and how they would behave during social interactions. The candidate’s answer will allow recruiters to gauge whether they’d get along with other employees and fit in well with the job culture.

What Does Teamwork Mean to You? And Why Is It Important?

These questions are especially important if the position involves a lot of team work and collaboration. Recruiters need to make sure that they place someone who strives by working in a collaborative environment and vice versa to ensure the success of the candidate and the satisfaction of the employer.

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How Do You Overcome Something You Don’t Know How to Do?

Problem-solving is another great skill to have regardless of the position. Recruiters are able to learn more about the problem-solving abilities of the applicant through how they answer this question. Their approach to the proposed question will also help describe their attitude and determine whether they’ll fit in with other employees at the company they’re interviewing for.

Do You Use Social Media?

Using social media is helpful with not only doing background checks but can serve to recruit employees as well. Employers often search for candidates on social media after interviewing them to see what their online presence looks like. However, depending on the type of position you’re looking to fill, recruiters may be able to find the right candidate through social networks. LinkedIn is a huge social networking resource for recruiters—this online tool allows professionals to keep in contact with those they may want to network in the future and often leads to job opportunities.

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