3 Tips to Reduce Bad Candidate Experiences


The key to winning over the best candidates is to make sure they have an enjoyable experience when interviewing with your company. When the candidate’s experience is less than pleasant, they’ll be less inclined to take an interest in your company and accept your offer, should you give them one. Creating a positive candidate experience is an integral part of attracting and keeping the attention of qualified applicants who are fit for the role. Unsure of how to make sure job hunters enjoy their application process with you? Keep on reading for some helpful hiring tips for employers.

Streamline the Hiring Process

One thing all applicants can agree on is that a long and drawn out interview process is not something they want to go through for every job they apply to. Streamlining your hiring process will better keep candidates interested since they’ll have fewer hoops to jump through. Things like having multiple rounds of assessments before allowing applicants to actually meet with someone from your team will deter many, and you’ll only end up meeting a fraction of the original qualified candidates who applied. If all stages of your hiring process are absolutely necessary but you feel like it’s a little excessive, try combining some of them to make it more efficient.

Show Them Respect

Just like you expect candidates to respect you and your time, you should respect theirs as well. You can show them your respect by doing small things like not taking calls during their interview, not bringing your phone along at all, and making their wait times as short as possible. We know it can be difficult to run recruitment when it seems like you have a million other things to do, but try to remember that with every person you interview and hire, you’re building the company. You want to be able to choose from the best selection possible—and you’ll only be able to do that if you can keep quality candidates interested.

hiring tips for employers


Monitor Online Reviews

Jon hunters will almost certainly look your company up online before they show up for an interview. Web sites like Glassdoor are popular resources among job applicants who want to get a general idea of the environment they’ll be walking into. One of the most important recruiting tips is to screen these web sites to ensure your company isn’t getting a bad reputation. Monitoring online reviews is important so that you can neutralize any negative comments or reviews, and prevent new or potential employees from coming in with a negative mindset. One way to combat negative comments is to respond to them and defend your company—give applicants a reason to give your company a chance.

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