Resolve Recruit’s Quick – Resume Reminders

YOU’ve done the hard work to find a great opportunity matching your skills. What can you do to showcase YOUR talent?

Resolve Recruit Inc is happy to share our quick resume reminders for Resume Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Summarize your relevant experience in a profile summary of qualifications
  • Include Full Employment Dates. This ALONE tells the screener that you ARE detail-oriented
  • ALWAYS use  spell-check!
  • Confirm your contact information is CURRENT
  • Prepare and attach your resume is both MS Word and PDF Format. Cover ALL your bases


  • Include a Profile Picture. A link to your LinkedIn Professional Profile is more effective.
  • Multiple Fonts And Format Styles takes away rather than adds to your material
  • Red is not acceptable
  • Listing your experience in a conversational format is not  professional. It does not prompt the hiring manager to contact you
  • Spelling & Grammatical Errors. (Spell-Check is only one click away!)


Create A Resume with an EDGE!  Resolve Recruit Inc is ready to help YOU succeed

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