Why January Can Be the Best Time to Begin Your Job Search


Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or seeking a change that offers more responsibility or higher pay, January is the best time to begin your new job search. After all, the demand for employees in Canada is higher than ever thanks to a four-decade low in the national unemployment rate.

With restful holidays behind you and a new year of possibilities ahead, this is a great time to find that great, new opportunity you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t settle for less than you want to achieve—consider all the reasons why this is the optimal time to find a new job.

The New Year’s Hiring Wave

The start of the year is that time of new resolutions. Everyone is striving to better themselves—and companies are on top of this with waves of hiring that occur at the start of the year. What better time to situate yourself in a fresh environment, with a brand new approach that works to help you nudge closer towards your own goals?

Hiring Activities Resolved

With winter holidays over, businesses are ramping back up in activity. Human resources and hiring managers who may have taken holidays are back in the office. With employees back, the meetings and agreements necessary for fresh recruitment of talent can resume.

New Budgets & New Projects Lead to New Job Openings

The start of the year is when some companies can have the ability to allocate a new budget for hiring purposes. Is one particular division profitable, but understaffed? Now will be the chance for savvy managers to snap up new talent that powers the company forward.

Also remember that as more and more people leave their current jobs for sunnier horizons, there will be great openings for newer job seekers to find ideal career placement options.

Are You Ready?

This is a great time to take an inventory of your readiness to start a new job. If you had to get ready to make a great impression tomorrow, would you have the right clothes, resume, and handshake that projects confidence? Remember, getting a job isn’t just about the skills or abilities that you know you have—it’s also about getting others to believe in you.

Make a checklist and prioritize the things that will help you get hired. This might involve everything from having your suit dry cleaned to networking with others. Be prepared so that you can make that great first impression that will be your professional calling card.

How Resolve Recruit Can Help

It’s a new year. Are you looking for a new job? Then Mississauga-based Resolve Recruit Inc. is here to assist. We know how to help job seekers find great opportunities throughout Ontario. We’ve been connecting highly skilled people with great companies to work for within the GTA since 1999. Contact us today to learn more about jobs and other services we offer.