Why Choose Resolve Recruit Instead of Another Recruiting Agency?

Resolve Recruit is a great choice because it is among the best recruiting agencies in Toronto. This is important, as talent acquisition is a continual priority for leading companies that require highly skilled and highly competent employees.

Our Proven Recruitment Results

To give you a quick overview of our success as a top Mississauga-based recruiting agency, here’s an overview of our recruitment process and the success we’ve achieved.

1. Candidates Interviewed

As a full-service staffing agency, we have access to a tremendous database of potential hires. We benefit from the strong relationships our recruiters have formed with candidates, as well as regular walk-in traffic of job seekers. Our database of names allows us to present a list of only the most ideal candidates for you to interview. We also conduct preliminary screening both via telephone, and in-person, saving you time and trouble with unsuitable candidates.

2. Candidates Submitted

We forward the absolute best candidates for you to review. There is no need to search through hundreds of resumes and you also benefit from not having to undertake the unpleasant task of following up with unsuccessful candidates.

3. Jobs Fill Success Rate

Our Mississauga recruiting agency can fill jobs for companies in a variety of industries. We excel at placing bilingual professional in jobs in call centres, office/clerical positions, accounting, finance, banking, insurance, executive roles, and warehousing and logistics, to name a few.

4. Retention Rate

Due to our effective screening, interviewing, and background checking techniques, measured against the regional turnover rate, the retention rate of clients we place within companies puts us among the leading recruitment agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. This is because our philosophy allows us to facilitate placing qualified people in the right environment suited for their aptitude.

5. Percentage of Temps Who Became Permanent

We excel at placing job seekers into temporary or contract positions. So much so that our conversation rate from temporary to full-time employee ratio is one of the highest in the city. This, of course, is tied into the excellent type of candidates that we help to find suitable employment.

6. Quality of Hire

Thanks to our proven step-by-step human resources sourcing techniques, as well as the excellent rapport we develop with prospective job candidates, we obtain superior quality for your hiring needs.

7. Satisfaction Rate

By providing the best quality from prospective applicants, we ultimately satisfy both the employer and new employee. We believe that true success is only possible when both the client and the candidate are fully satisfied with the outcome.

8. Response Rate

Our ongoing relationships with talent ensure that we have an excellent response rate when it comes to opportunities. That’s because we’ve earned our client’s trust in providing them with opportunities where they have a very good chance to succeed.

Find Out More

If you’re looking for one of the top recruitment agencies in the GTA for help with your job search, consider tapping into our expertise at Resolve Recruit Inc. We are 100% Canadian-owned and operated and have been connecting highly-skilled people with great companies to work for within the GTA since 1999. Contact us today to learn more about jobs and other services we offer.