What You Should Know About a Company Before Going for an Interview


So, you have an interview at a big company coming up—how should you prepare? Going over the basic interview questions pertinent to your desired role or industry is definitely a good place to start, but it’s also a good idea to bone up on information about the company itself, too. Learning some employer information before heading out for your interview will give you insight into what the company is like, what they stand for, and maybe even hint at what the workplace culture is like. For some more interview tips and things you should do beforehand to prepare, keep on reading.

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Browse the Company’s Web Site & LinkedIn Profile

Do a little research about the company, and learn about who they are. A great source to find this information is their LinkedIn profile—here, you’ll be able to see how many employees they have, find out what they do, and other useful information. If they have offices in different locations, you could always ask whether you’ll have the chance to work with other teams, or even visit them.

Their Vision/Mission Statement

Take a look at the company’s vision and their mission statement. It’s a good sign if you agree with their values right off the bat—but even if you don’t, at least you’ll be aware of what they stand for going into the interview, and you and keep that in mind throughout the process.

Company Culture

Company culture is a huge influencer when it comes to whether or not an individual will like working somewhere, and whether they’ll fit in. For example, if the culture is very close-knit and there’s a lot of team-building, HR will likely want to hire someone that’s enthusiastic and excited about working with a team, rather than someone who’d prefer to work alone.

Recent News

Google the company’s name and check out if there’s any recent news about them online. You can find out about current events, and reference them during your interview, which is bound to impress your potential employer. Plus, you don’t want to seem out of the loop if they’ve recently been in the news for something big.

Their Reputation

Using resources like Glassdoor.com to check out what previous employees have said about working for the company is a great way to suss out their reputation among those who have worked for them, and still are. The reviews on this website are generally very dependable, since they can be submitted anonymously. You’ll be able to get a sense of what people think of management, salary ranges for different positions, and even maybe some interview questions you might encounter during your meeting.

Their Products, Services, and Clients

Be knowledgeable about their products, services, and who their clients are. If you can find this information readily available online, there’s no reason not to know it going into your interview. Their products and services is basic information that applicants should know, but knowing exactly who they serve can give you an advantage—for example, if you have experience dealing with a company in a similar industry to that of one of their clients, it’s a point you can emphasize in the interview.


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