What Is Competency-Based Recruitment?


When it comes to hiring appropriate candidates for any open job position, there are several important factors that prospective employers typically consider. Level of experience, firsthand knowledge, extensive training, and perfectly honed skills are all important mitigating factors that could determine whether or not you should hire a candidate. Above all, however, implementing a thorough competency-based recruitment process should be your top priority to ensure that you always find the right candidate to fill available positions within your company.

What Is Competency-Based Recruitment?

Competency-based recruitment is a very simple concept that involves hiring candidates that are not only the most qualified for the position you’re trying to fill, but who have a proven track record of achieving optimal and outstanding results in their given field of interest. These are candidates who can actually prove that their work efforts have made a substantial difference in serving the best interests of their past employers. Competency-based recruitment approaches generally rely on a series of assessments that are designed to help prospective employers and recruiters identify candidates who possess valuable skills, training, experience, and response mechanisms that can help them deal with the everyday tasks the specified position requires. It’s meant to help level the playing field for applicants while also helping job recruiters weed out the unlikely candidates in favour of those who are more deserving of, and qualified for, the job in question.

Benefits of Implementing a Competency-Based Hiring Process

There are numerous benefits to employing competency examinations in your company’s recruitment process. This method gives you the unique opportunity to get to know potential candidates on a more personal level before allowing them to move further along in the hiring process and glean a general understanding of how their personalities and level of expertise fit into your company culture. Competency-based hiring can also help your business achieve the following:

  • Greater value in recruitment process by making it easier for you to choose the best candidates for the position
  • Create a more consistent and focused hiring model that highlights the pros and cons each candidate has to offer
  • Eliminates biases from one candidate to another and allows you to make a fair and carefully considered decision based on the person’s personal and professional attributes
  • Reduces the chances of having negative employee turnaround rates by guaranteeing that only the right people are hired for each position
  • Provides top notch platforms and standards for companies to receive and react to constructive feedback from potential candidates
  • Improves and supports the predictive hiring model which allows employers to effectively make decisions about what they expect from potential candidates based on the performance of past employees who occupied that role within the company

How Resolve Recruit Inc. Can Help You Find the Right Candidates for Your Company

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