Using Executive Recruiters to Fulfil Executive Staffing Needs


Challenges in Executive Staffing

Hiring an executive for your company brings into play several unique considerations that may not apply to other types of positions. Most notable is the fact that your company’s executives likely have more unique job histories than would be found in other positions. They may also have certain expectations or concerns about how the hiring process will be carried out and need to be satisfied or reassured. Broadly speaking, here are some of the additional challenges posed when trying to find an executive.

Extensive Geographic History

People who are qualified to serve as an executive have been working for a long time and have likely moved at several points over their long work history. This mobility means that searches and background checks need to be done with additional thoroughness to make sure anything relevant that went on at or between locations can be accounted for.

Financial Considerations

Executives have more direct involvement in how companies spend their money, which brings some additional elements to the hiring process that wouldn’t normally be relevant. How an entry-level employee follows a budget or spends their money is irrelevant in the broad scheme of things, but the kind of financial history your executive has could end up being relevant if they are responsible for your company’s spending.

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Conflicts of Interest

Even if your executive candidate is not currently working, they may still hold certain board memberships or have other corporate or industry ties that raise conflict-of-interest issues.

Public Relations

Your executives serve as part of your company’s public face and will be the ones often used as spokespeople in the event of media scrutiny, good or bad. Making sure your candidate can handle themselves in interviews and media questionings is not something to be neglected.

The Importance of Hiring an Executive Staffing Agency

Due to the above factors, a great deal of thought and evaluation needs to go into searching for executives. Not only do you need someone who has the type of world experience and accomplishments you are looking for, but they need to be evaluated for financial responsibility, how they handle themselves with the media, potential conflicts of interest, and more. Despite the importance of an executive position, managing all of this can be quite the burden for existing staff and they may lack the know-how or experience needed to pull off an evaluation successfully.

This is where executive recruiting services like Resolve Recruit come into play. Our talented and experienced recruiters can put their skills to work by not only finding viable candidates for your company’s open executive slots, but also by performing many of the necessary screening activities so that you are only presented with the candidates most likely to contribute to and grow your business.

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