Top Recruitment Marketing Strategies for 2019


Talent acquisition and retention is quite possibly one of the most challenging aspects of working as a team lead or manager—especially since the online recruitment marketing space is still in its infancy. Not only are recruiters forced to forge their own paths through a vast barrage of trial and error, but identifying the most appropriate candidates for the position is trickier than ever. Many candidates tend to embellish their resumes, making it difficult to separate the true talent from the wolves in sheep’s clothing. And the job market is so oversaturated that it’s no longer sufficient to simply put out job postings and cross your fingers. You have to convince candidates to apply to the position you’re offering.

All things considered, it’s pretty easy to get frazzled when there are more job openings than there are qualified candidates to fill them. This list of the top recruitment marketing strategies for 2019 will help you overcome many of these challenges.

Develop a Strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Essentially, EVP is a culmination of all of the attributes that your organization possesses that make you stand out from your competitors. This can include offering a competitive salary, excellent benefits packages, sick leave, maternity leave, vacation days, promotion and growth opportunities, and how well your company culture reflects employee satisfaction levels. These are all important aspects of your business you should prioritize to ensure high talent acquisition and low attrition rates.

Improve Candidate Capturing and Nurturing Practices

Consider the various points of interest that attract certain candidates to apply for your company and leverage those to your advantage. Once you’ve identified your target candidates, you should do everything in your power to appease their needs and convince them to work for you. After you’ve captured their attention, you need to find ways of nurturing the relationship. Keep constant open communication to let them know the position is still available and theirs for the taking.

Align Your Recruitment Strategies with Your Overall Goals

Your recruitment strategies should be in line with the overall long-term goals you have for your business and you should make this clear to candidates from the very beginning. What types of employees are you looking for? Temporary? Permanent? Short-term? Long-term? Make sure all of this is made clear from the very beginning so candidates know exactly what to expect and they’re not blindsided.

Leverage Social Media for Recruitment

In the age of the Internet, social media is your best bet at attracting, communicating with, and acquiring the top talent in your industry. Social media is extremely useful because it puts you in direct contact with top candidates and it also gives you a brief insight into the type of experience they have and what their career goals are.

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