Top 8 Recruitment Trends in 2018


Everyone is looking ahead to find out what the hottest recruitment trends will be for 2018. Leading staffing agencies and companies in particular are paying attention to the following areas.

1. Candidate Experience

Today, it isn’t enough to select the right person. Companies know that by giving potential job candidates the very best experience, they will be creating a lasting impression that will factor into everything from the initial employment experience to the branding of the company.

Crafting a memorable, engaging job interview process sends out the message to all of the potential talent you are looking to recruit that your company is a great place to work. Also consider getting candidate experience feedback to learn about areas where you can grow in your recruitment process.

Furthermore, top candidates will be in-demand from multiple companies. To get the best people on your team, companies are learning that they must demonstrate what makes their environment a special place to work.

2. Employee Experience

This is one of the biggest areas that people are talking about where HR will invest more attention throughout 2018. It’s imperative that companies enhance the experience of their employees across all levels because happy, engaged, and fulfilled employees are beneficial on a myriad of levels.

Companies are paying more attention when it comes to offering perks and other incentives to encourage employee wellness. By acting thoughtfully, and allowing employees to have an open-door policy when speaking about their thoughts and feelings, companies truly show that they care.

3. Generation Z

For the generation following Millennials, the workforce is truly changing. Those born between 1994 and 1996 are known as “Generation Z.” Rather than sticking with one employer, younger recruits are getting more short-term or contract-based work. The gig economy means that every employee may have a “side hustle” on top of their day job.
There’s also a strong attraction by Generation Z to companies that practice corporate social responsibility by investing in green technology or in giving back through altruistic programs.

4. Diverse Workforce

Diversity hiring has always been a priority that’s often included in the mandate of many companies. This needs to be about more than following government or industry regulations and laws, but rather, in creating a truly inclusive environment for employees regardless of gender, race, age, orientation, or disability.

A new technique involves “blind hiring” where cognitive biases are taken out of the equation by removing any identifying details of gender, age and race on resumes to screen the first round of applicants.

Furthermore, companies may look at how hiring from a diverse workforce adds unique talent, viewpoints, and other intangibles to the sense of life and vitality within the company culture.

5. Remote Workforce

With so many tech options to keep us in contact from long distances, there is more focus than ever being given to accommodating a workforce that operates remotely. Over half of companies are now working towards providing flexible working hours. Working from home is an option that about 45 percent of companies offer.

This opens up a wide-range of possibilities for both companies and employers, as recruitment can involve garnering the top talent from much more distant geographical locations. With ever-evolving video conferencing technologies, this is one trend that will keep growing.

6. Apprenticeship

Although apprenticeships are likely as old as the wheel, little reinvention is needed to understand the practicality found within the system of gradually mentoring prospective employees within their field. This is popular in areas like manufacturing, trades, and other jobs that require a specialized skillset that can only be learned on the job.

Apprenticeships are also now making inroads into other white collar professions, as they allow companies to form and groom relationships with young talent. It’s also a chance to build up loyalty to a company from an early age and some companies are even building partnerships with colleges and universities to this end.

7. Predictive HR Analytics

The use of computer algorithms in order to proactively parse data means that patterns, some invisible when eyeballing data, are much easier to identify. For human resources purposes, this means it’s easier to sort through recruitment processes or to match ideal candidates to positions based on predictive analytics.

Furthermore, a career path within a company can be aided by analytics technology, as it can help companies understand how to better serve and promote employees based on metrics gathered on employee performance.

The facts as they appear filtered through an analytics platform will be able to measure exactly how employees contribute towards a company’s bottom line.

8. Impact of Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes sorting through stacks of resumes a breeze, which allows HR professionals to spend more time on direct, human contact with prospective employees. Application Tracking Systems (ATS) tend to be time-intensive; AI cuts right through this task of weeding out the majority of unqualified applicants who tend to spam HR managers’ inboxes.

Applications like Skype and instant messaging are also now frequently utilized to screen recruits remotely, thus saving time and energy. There are also improved options to work remotely thanks to shared drives, cloud-accessible software, and other tools.

Finally, social technology itself is a wonderful new way to screen and become familiar with potential employees. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, to name a few, offer companies a glimpse of the personal and professional attitudes of their potential hires.

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