Top 4 Qualities That Employers Seek in an Administrative Assistant


Administrative assistant jobs are often overlooked and taken for granted, but in reality, these professionals are the centre of many offices—daily operations would go awry without adequate administrative staffing. There are certain qualities employers look for in admin assistants, like organizational skills, effective communication abilities, and time management, among others. If you’re searching for administrative staffing in Mississauga, keep on reading to find out about the top four qualities you should be looking for in the ideal candidate.

Excellent Communication

One of the most important admin assistant skills your perfect candidate should have is excellent communication. They must be able to relay information to employees, upper management, and external clients and vendors in a clear, concise, and professional manner. They must also be patient and understanding, as they may be called upon to resolve conflicts between parties and diffuse tense situations.

Organizational Skills

Administrative assistants are responsible for not only keeping themselves organized, but the rest of the office as well—and if they become unravelled, so will the entire office. They should be able to maintain a tidy workspace for themselves and keep functional filing and other organizational systems in place. While other employees may be more likely to let administrative things slip through the cracks, your admin team should never allow this to happen; administrative duties should have their undivided attention and they should always stay organized.

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Time Management Skills

Being able to prioritize tasks and manage their personal schedule, as well as the agendas of others, is one of the most important admin assistant qualities. If their job is to keep a certain employee on track, they’ll need to be able to manage that responsibility on top of managing their own tasks. It’s not unusual for employers to expect a lot from admin staff—and while it may not seem like there are enough hours in a day to complete their duties, their job is to make it happen, anyways. From being punctual to submitting assignments and reports on time, admin assistants need to have amazing time management skills all around.


Chances are, your admin staff will have access to sensitive information like employee records and client information—you should be comfortable and confident when trusting them with these records. A great assistant knows not to disclose information regarding client or fellow employee matters; for this reason, employers should also look for a candidate who will refrain from indulging in office gossip.

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