Resolve Recruit Inc. offers excellent temporary staffing solutions that are custom designed to suit the requirements of your organization. Whether you work for a large corporation or own a small business, we can help you find the right temporary candidates with the appropriate skill sets to fulfill the needs of your business. Contract hires are an excellent option because you don’t have to worry about providing a full benefits package for them and you can determine the length of their employment as well as whether it’s part-time or full-time.

Why Hire Temporary Employees?

Temporary recruitment has been a growing industry for decades because it provides businesses with flexible employees who are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the companies they serve at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees. These candidates have endured a careful screening and interviewing process that ascertains they meet the specific expectations, requirements, and skills you’re looking for in your employees. In the long run, this method of hiring has tremendous advantages for your business as it can help save you time and money when it comes to hiring qualified candidates and if you want, you can either extend their contracts or offer them full employment opportunities down the line. The best part is that we lay the groundwork for you to form a successful and lucrative partnership.

Why Work with a Temp Staffing Agency?

At Resolve Recruit Inc., we believe in only hiring the best and most qualified candidates for the positions offered by your clients. We understand that sifting through an endless barrage of resumes, cover letters, and job applications can be both tedious and extremely time-consuming, especially if you have other pressing work-related matters to tend to. As one of the highest rated temp recruitment agencies in North America, we guarantee a perfect match the majority of the time. We have the resources and the expertise in compiling comprehensive lists of candidates that we believe will be a good fit for your business.

How We Can Help

Our thorough candidate recruitment and hiring process includes two key components: prescreening all candidates and then guaranteeing that their skill sets match the ones our clients are looking for in their job postings. We offer a broad range of staffing solutions that are customized for the unique needs of our clients and we always take the time to carefully review the qualifications, certifications, and special training that’s required to perform each job.

Flexible Solutions

Regardless of the type of employment you’re offering, we’re confident that we can find candidates that are available when you need them. Part-time, full-time, short-term, long-term, or seasonal positions can easily be filled through the flexible solutions offered by Resolve Recruit Inc. Our intricate hiring process covers all of the bases on your behalf to ensure that candidates are well prepared to meet and exceed the demands of working for your company. Even if you’re simply looking for an extra set of hands to assist with specific projects, we have a detailed database and a wealth of resources available at our disposal to find the most qualified and experienced personnel to fill the role.

Work with Resolve Recruit Inc.

A Mississauga-based company, Resolve Recruit Inc. is one of the leading temporary staffing solution centers in North America. Our team of knowledgeable job recruiters has helped hundreds of companies find appropriate temporary employees for their businesses and we can help you, too. Contact us today to learn more!