Simple Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency


Whether you are a new graduate who is fresh out of school, newly unemployed and looking for your next opportunity, or currently holding a job but looking for something different, staffing services can be a key part of your job search. The services that staffing agencies provide can help you at all stages of your career and prove valuable assets as you make your way through the workforce.

Expertise and Breadth

Staffing agencies provide placements for literally hundreds of thousands of job applicants every year. They provide workers, analysts, managers, assistants, and more to huge swaths of economic and market sectors and to a wide variety of companies. Regardless of whether you are a long-time expert in your field or are just starting out, they will be able to find the type of job that needs your skills.

Empowerment through Flexibility

You have your own needs when looking for a job: You need the right hours, the right pay, and the right terms. Staffing agencies allow you to establish your needs clearly and receive postings and offers that meet your criteria. It is within your power to look through the options, pick the ones you want, and turn down the ones you don’t. This is a simple but encouraging benefit that can help you feel in control of your job search.

Staffing Services

Free of Fees

Staffing agencies make their money from the companies that list openings with them and not from the people they help to place. You can take advantage of their services without needing to cut into your own funds. There are no subscription or application fees required—all you need is the willingness to work. This takes the pressure off your finances, especially if you are unemployed and need to watch every penny till you become employed again.

The Bridge to Your Ideal Job

Everyone has different goals when looking for work. You might be after a specific career path and are interested in positions with the most potential for advancement. You may be exploring new sectors and looking for more varied, short-term opportunities to help get your feet wet and gain experience. You may also simply want any job that will take you. Regardless of the kind of work goals you have, staffing agencies can provide a mixture of positions that allows you to find the one that best matches your desires.

Types of Staffing Placements

Although staffing agencies can help you find work in a wide variety of industries, the nature of their placements will inevitably fall into one of the following categories:

Temporary or Contract
This is a short-term post that is usually measured in weeks or months. You may be needed to fill in for someone on leave, serve as an extra pair of hands during busy periods, or help get involved with the establishment of a new operation. During these periods, you are considered employed by the staffing agency itself.

These positions are similar to the temporary or contract positions except that there is a possibility that the client company will take you on permanently. A company could be using these positions to test-drive potential employees or because it may not yet know if it has the funds or workload to justify an extra hire in the long run.

Direct Hire
This is considered a permanent placement, so a company will take you on as a stable employee. A direct hire position is not necessarily a full-time one, but it does mean that the company is accepting you as a legitimate member of their organization.

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