Resolve Recruit Weighs in on Developing Trends, Gaps, in IT Jobs


Resolve Recruit, Inc. (www., one of Mississauga’s leading employment agencies, wants both employers and potential job applicants to be aware of the projected trends outlined in a recently published paper.

The paper, titled Digital Talent: Road to 2020, outlines both lucrative job opportunities but a potential lack of talent to fill them (Source: Pilieci, V., “Canada isn’t producing enough tech grads to fill thousands of upcoming jobs, research says.” Ottawa Citizen web site, March 09, 2016;

“The way that the information technology and communications technology sectors have been developing means that there are going to be at least 182,000 projected jobs created in those fields by 2019,” says Kim Muir, the managing director of Resolve Recruit. “And another 32,000 could exist by 2020. This is roughly a 20% increase from the current 877,470 IT and communications jobs in the country.”

According to the report, these jobs would be high-paying, stable, and therefore highly desirable. There is just one problem: only 126,000 Canadian students are currently enrolled in programs that can help them find jobs in the IT or communications sectors.

“In other words, the jobs will be there but won’t have anyone to fill them,” explains Muir. “That is a problem for the industry, but it does have several opportunities for potential job seekers.

If the enrolment numbers do not see a dramatic increase, companies will need to broaden their qualifications in order to see every position filled. This would allow people with the right talents to get their foot into the IT and communications fields even if they lacked the exact education requirements. For those who do come from IT and communications backgrounds, the benefits of this demographic and industry shift is more direct—tech and IT graduates will likely see more demand and better opportunities for their skills.

Muir also points out that the tech industry isn’t the only industry that is experiencing talent shortages. “Generally there is and will continue to be talent shortages across various industries due to the fact that the baby boomers are retiring,” she concludes “Attracting and retaining these skilled workers will become more difficult, especially if there are less students in those industries.”

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