Resolve Recruit Inc. Weighs in on May Employment Numbers from Statistics Canada


Resolve Recruit Inc. (, a leading provider of recruiting services across the Greater Toronto Area, is weighing in on the May employment numbers released by Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada has recently released the country’s employment numbers for the month of May. According to the data, Canada saw a level of growth that initially appears low, but is actually a positive due to being the result of impressive development among Canadian businesses (Source: “Labour Force Survey, May 2016,” Statistics Canada web site, June 10, 2016;

“The net gain was 14,000 new jobs being added, which is small, but not as low as first glance would suggest,” says Kim Muir, managing director at Resolve Recruit Inc. “The key thing to keep in mind is that the total number of added jobs is actually 61,000. Also keep in mind that this impressive growth was unfortunately offset by a loss of 47,000 part-time positions.”

Although a decrease of nearly 50,000 jobs is never something to be happy about, the shift away from part-time positions means a greater likelihood of employment stability and overall health for businesses. The unemployment rate has also dropped to 6.9%, the first time in 10 months that it has been below seven percent. It is important also to note that, due to the disruption and evacuations prompted by the Alberta wildfires, the affected regions were excluded from the jobs report.

“As businesses get stronger and see better growth, they can shift away from part-time positions and more towards seeking more permanent workers,” Muir explains. “Although it is unfortunate if part-time employees lose their jobs, some are able to transition into full-time employment and others can still use their experience to better leverage themselves into future opportunities.”

“The changes in employment have also affected recruitment agencies as well,” Muir concludes. “Those agencies are now seeing increased use by both employers looking to hire new workers during business expansion and employees looking to find new workplaces after leaving their prior part-time positions.”

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