Production Manager/Supervisor Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities


Production managers are an integral component of any industrial production, assembly, and manufacturing facility. The job of any skilled production manager entails supervising daily operations, finding solutions to improve operational efficiency and accuracy, as well as initiating quality control standards based on company protocols. In order to find the right individual to fulfill these all-important duties, Resolve Recruit Inc. can help you devise an appropriate and well-rounded production manager job description and posting that contains all of the pertinent information. 

What Is the Role of a Production Manager?

Whether you’re hiring for a food processing plant, an automotive assembly line, or any other type of industrial operation, you need a reliable and experienced production manager to keep things running smoothly. Production managers are responsible for overseeing floor operations and ensuring that overall efficiency, production quality, and employee morale are consistently upheld. 

Given that production managers interact with all members of the production and assembly team, they have firsthand knowledge of all of the areas in which improvements are required. And they also have the authority to implement the necessary changes. 

Production Manager Job Description

The following production manager job description can be used either as it appears, as a basic template, or with some alterations depending on each company’s specific job requirements. 

Production Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The role of production manager includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating with other department managers to maintain consistency and ensure production quality standards are met and upheld
  • Supervise production personnel performance
  • Perform personnel evaluations
  • Supervise production lines and resolve any issues that arise
  • Prepare production budgets based on cost estimates
  • Implement health and safety regulations as outlined in the company handbook
  • Oversee training of new hires in your department 
  • Make decisions regarding purchase orders, pay raises, employee requests, maintenance work, and the amount of resources needed to facilitate production practices
  • Consistently provide progress reports, requests, and improvement suggestions to upper management

Based on the specific requirements of your business, you can revise the list of duties and responsibilities.

Eligibility Criteria

Generally speaking, there are no specific or mandatory credentials you need to have in order to find work as a production manager. The minimum requirement for this type of position is that you at least have a bachelor’s degree in any subject. 

With that said, however, each company is entitled to outline their own list of specific qualifications, skills, and experience requirements. As an employer, you should look for candidates that have that extra something on their resume that makes them stand out from all the other applicants. Specialized training in a specific field such as mechanics, business management, electrical engineering, biochemistry, or any of the related disciplines can help you identify the right candidates based on your industry. Make sure to specify exactly what type of qualifications, skills, and experience you’re looking for. 

Production Manager Salary

On average, production managers in Canada make about $84,000 annually, with entry level positions starting at $37,323 and senior positions making about $142,800 a year.  

Are you an employer looking to hire a qualified production manager for your processing or manufacturing facility? Resolve Recruit Inc. is committed to helping you attract and vet the right candidates for the job. Contact us today to learn more!