The Human Resources department is the backbone of any company, regardless of size. Not only are HR personnel expected to be industry experts, but they should also be extremely well versed in company protocols relating to work standards. On top of that, the human resources department is also responsible for recruiting, screening, and hiring workers, in addition to managing employee relations, ensuring new employees are aptly trained, securing employee benefits, and taking care of payroll. When it comes to human resources staffing, you need individuals who fit into your company culture and can help you define and reshape your core values as needed.

Resolve Recruit Inc. has the resources necessary to help you recruit and vet the right human resources personnel for your organization.

Why There’s a High Demand for Human Resources Personnel

Human Resources is one of the most in-demand positions to fill in Canada and the applicant pool is teeming with eager candidates fresh out of university. On average, there are about 35 applicants for every open position in the Human Resources field. And the placement for Human Resource management position sits at about 76%, making it one of the most highly competitive job markets in the country. So how can you be assured that you’re making the right Human Resources staffing decisions?

Since Human Resources departments fulfill extremely important functions in your company, you need to be hyper-vigilant throughout the recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring process. After all, these employees will have access to and be responsible for handling sensitive company and employee information.

Hiring the right highly skilled and dedicated Human Resources personnel, however, could prove to be very cost-efficient for your company. The reason that these jobs are in such high demand is because they typically offer excellent benefits, a competitive salary, and a diverse career path.

Qualities to Look for in Human Resources Personnel

Despite being a very rewarding career option for hard-working individuals, Human Resources positions aren’t without their challenges. Since these individuals are expected to handle a wide range of functions within the company, they need to prove that they can manage the stress that will inevitably come with the job. Qualities you should look for when hiring Human Resources personnel include:

  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • The ability to resolve conflicts between employees
  • The ability to manage large workloads
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to remain impartial and objective when handling disputes at work
  • Access to resources when training and mentoring new employees
  • And most of all, the ability to work well under pressure

Human Resources Staffing Solutions Provided by Resolve Recruit Inc.

At Resolve Recruit Inc., our primary goal is to help you find the right staffing solutions that work for your business. You need Human Resources personnel who are committed to helping improve and maintain excellent working practices at your place of work and we can help you find those individuals through our thorough recruitment and screening process. Contact us today to learn more.