How Top Recruiters Help Companies Battle the Talent Shortage


In certain industries, employers may be experiencing a shortage of talent to choose from when looking for new employees. Finding the best candidates can be hard, and finding those who can make it past the job screening process can be even harder. As if talent acquisition isn’t difficult enough, it’s even harder for those who don’t know where or how to find people who are qualified for the position you need to fill. In-house recruiters often have limited resources with which to work, making it tough to find quality candidates. Fortunately, companies can seek the help of recruiting agencies to supplement their efforts.

Recruitment agencies have a number of tools they can use to your advantage to ensure you staff your company with the best candidates possible. Stop looking for mundane recruiting tips to revitalize your in-house talent acquisition team; instead, keep on reading to find out how staffing agency recruiters can help you defeat the talent shortage.

Recruiters Know Where to Find the Right People

Recruitment agencies have a base of clients ranging from companies to job hunters. They make it a point to maintain contact with those who they’ve worked with in the past and accumulate a database of clients to draw from when they need to. Recruiters will know exactly where to look for candidates—especially those who have the required skillset. Between their database of clients and other professional contacts, you`ll never have to wait too long until they find the right candidate for you.

Recruitment Agencies Have a Better Screening Process

Recruiting agencies have one job: to find you quality employees. Since this is their sole focus, you can be assured that they’ll have adequate time and resources to attribute to staffing your company. When you leave the recruitment and screen processes to in-house HR employees, they won’t be able to put the same effort in since they have other responsibilities to tend to as well. Third-party recruiters will have the luxury of conducting a thorough screening of all candidates they recommend to you to guarantee quality.

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Employer Branding Is Their Priority

Job hunters have now become job shoppers—most applicants will check out your company’s web site and assess your brand before even applying. They want to see if your brand is compatible with that they’re looking for in a company and, if they’re not impressed by what they see, chances are they won’t bother applying. Candidates are likely to look up reviews from previous and current employees, check out your web site and probably research past projects and other things pertaining to your reputation. In response to the growing competition for talent between companies, employer branding has become increasingly important. Recruitment agencies will market your company to job hunters, so that you don’t have to. Employer branding may slip through the cracks when left to your overwhelmed HR team, but it’ll be the priority of the recruiting agency your hire to help find new talent.

Staffing Agencies Help Employers Find the Best Candidate

There are many ways that staffing agencies can help you defeat the competition for talent, so why wait? Call Resolve Recruit Inc. today. Our recruiters are eager to help you find the absolute best applicant for your company; with our years and years of experience, you won’t be able to find anyone else with the client base and professional contacts that we have. Stop competing for talent and let us bring the talent to you. Contact us today!