How to Write Effective Job Descriptions in 2019


Writing an effective job description can be tricky. Job descriptions in 2019 should be enticing enough to capture the attention of potential candidates, but they should also be thoroughly informative about the position you’re offering. You have to strike a good balance between sharing the appropriate amount of information about the job itself and making each candidate feel as if they’re the ideal choice for the role without seeming pretentious about it. The job market right now is extremely competitive, so you need to make sure you’re catering to the right candidates.

What Are Candidates Looking for in a Job Description?

When writing a job description, do a little thought experiment. Put yourself in your applicants’ shoes. If you were currently looking for a job in your industry, what would you want to see in a job description? What details would matter the most to you in this scenario? Ask a few other industry professionals the same questions and you’ll most likely come up with similar responses.

Here’s what most people are interested in finding out when applying to a new job:

  • Compensation
  • Qualifications
  • Job Details
  • Performance Goals
  • Company Culture
  • Career Growth Opportunities

How to Write the Best Job Descriptions

Clearly State the Job Title

Many companies try to get a little too creative when it comes to their job descriptions and this can lead to a lot of furrowed brows from applicants. Case in point, companies who use job titles like “marketing guru” or “advertising ninja”. These terms bear no meaning whatsoever. To avoid confusion, stay away from fancy and extremely vague job titles. Instead, keep it simple. Just tell applicants exactly what it is you’re looking for without all the embellishments.

Give an Honest Company Overview

Showcase your brand personality, what makes you stand out from your competition, your back story, your accomplishments, and what you expect of your prospective employees, so they can envision how they would fit into your company culture.

Position Competencies

Job postings are essentially like advertisements that alert people about a new position that might be of interest to them. Applicants need to know about the required skills, qualifications, and level of experience required for the position before applying.

Clear Performance Metrics

Candidates need to know what responsibilities the role entails and how their performance will be measured.

Results-Focused Expectations

Focus on the skills and qualifications of the candidate as well as how well they perform the job.

Address Each Candidate Directly

Write the job posting as if you’re speaking directly to each candidate. Make them feel as if the position was tailored just for them, so they can envision themselves in the role.

Avoid Using Industry Jargon

This can be extremely off-putting and make the job posting sound too convoluted. Stick to simple terms that aptly describe what you’re looking for and what the job entails.

Highlight Benefits and Compensation

Chances are this isn’t the only job that applicants are considering, so you need to give yourself a competitive edge by mentioning the benefits package and compensation they can expect.

Avoid Using Gender-Biased Language

Gender-biased language should be avoided at all costs. This includes pronouns like “he” or “she”. Stick to gender neutral terms to avoid alienating certain types of potential candidates.

Consult a Professional Recruitment Agency

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