How to Successfully Recruit a Remote Workforce


Many modern companies have already begun to realize that assembling a high-quality and hardworking remote workforce is the wave of the future. Employees who are hired to work from remote locations need to possess a certain set of skills and qualities that make them stand out from their peers as they have a lot more to prove than those who work locally. They need to master exceptional time management skills while consistently submitting high caliber work and rendering positive results for their company. Of course, identifying all of those pertinent individual qualities in a person from afar can be extremely challenging if not downright impossible, especially if you’re ill-equipped to do so. Keep reading for tips on recruiting a remote workforce for your company.

Identify the Exact Characteristics You’re Looking for

Think about all of the professional qualities you look for in your employees and which ones are the most valuable for your company. Remote workers should have excellent communication and time management skills in addition to being self-motivated and highly productive without sacrificing quality for quantity in terms of the work they produce. They should be reliable enough to complete all work-related tasks within their assigned deadlines and you should never have to chase them down for updates on a project.

Include Work Hours and Flexibility in the Job Posting

Before applying for a job, applicants need to be aware of the hours they’re expected to work and whether they’ll be part-time, full-time, or contract employees. All of that should be specified in the original job posting to avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication. It’s also advisable to set up a system so that you know when the person is working and when they’re off.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media serves a number of purposes when it comes to recruiting worthwhile applicants for any position. A candidate’s social media accounts will usually give you a strong insight into what they’re actually like, what their interests are, and whether or not they might fit in with your company culture. Don’t hesitate to briefly sift through some of their most recent posts to figure out if their professional values and priorities align with those of your company.

Conduct Video Interviews

If you can’t interview candidates face-to-face, then conducting video interviews is the next best thing. It gives you ample opportunity to speak with the candidates directly and in real-time, which also makes it easier to decide if they’re a good fit for the position you’re offering and vice versa.

Utilize Professional Recruitment Services

The best way to figure out if a candidate is the right person for the job is by asking the right questions throughout the recruitment process. Hiring a professional recruitment agency give you an edge over other companies by providing access to helpful resources for structuring appropriate interview questions in a strategic way. These agencies have extensive resources and tools that allow them to accurately match the right candidates to the right companies, eliminating most of the guesswork for hiring managers and helping them maintain low turnaround rates.

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