How Temporary Staffing Can Resolve These Four Business Problems


Some may think that temporary staffing is a waste of time, but it can actually help solve some of the main business problems you’ve been facing. How can business problems be solved by using temporary staffing agencies? Employers can use temp staffing companies to help out with things like temporary increases in demand, rising labour costs, and to fill positions that require a special skill set. Keep on reading for more information on temporary work agencies near you, and what they can do for your business.

Temporary Increase in Demand

Some businesses encounter busy seasons where they experience a high demand for temporary workers. Instead of having permanent employees work overtime to cover the necessary duties, companies can hire seasonal employees. This will allow them to save a little extra by avoiding having to pay overtime wages and avoid the higher risk of claims due to am employee injury. Temporary employees can easily help fill out your core staff during busy periods, without the overhead costs. When the season winds down once again, you can return to your normal team size. Seasonal workers are the ideal choice when it comes to meeting high demands on a temporary basis.

Rising Labour Costs

Permanent employees are becoming more and more costly to maintain due to increasing wages, benefits, RRSP contributions, and paid time off. Even large companies can feel the effect of a new permanent hire, so you can only imagine how it is for smaller companies and startups. Going through a temporary employment agency and hiring contract workers is a great way to avoid these labour costs while still being able to hire the number of employees you need to. You’ll still be able to get a qualified worker to get the job done, but you won’t have to put up the money it takes to maintain a permanent hire.

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Need for Specialized Skills

If you have a position to fill that requires a special skill set, the search for the right candidate can be time-consuming. A temporary employment agency near you can dedicate the time it takes to find a person with the specialized skills you desire. Since temporary employment agencies focus on recruitment, they’ll have the extra time that you don’t to dedicate to finding the perfect applicant. These agencies often have relationships with other companies and databases of prospective candidates, which ensures that the quality of applicants they send your way are that much better.

Filling Critical Positions

If an employee quits with little or no notice, it may be a scramble to find a replacement—especially if they’re a manager or team leader. The last thing you want to do is hire the first person you think might be able to do the job, but this can easily happen when you’re on a tight timeline. A temporary staffing company will be able to send you quality candidates to look over in a short period of time. They can offer you a degree of convenience you wouldn’t have otherwise and can save you the wasted time and energy of hiring the wrong person the first time around.

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