How Recruitment Agencies Help Industries with Local Employment


When it comes to expanding your business into a new area, manpower for the new location is going to be an obvious necessity. While many companies, particularly larger ones, prefer to undertake their employee searches using in-house resources and HR personnel, there are still numerous advantages to going outside the company and seeking the aid of a recruitment agency. This remains true despite the move towards online employment resources, since recruitment agencies are able to provide local employment advantages that other venues simply lack.

Market Knowledge

Employment agencies, whether by design or simply because of how things work out, tend to specialize in certain sectors such as healthcare, office administration, tech, etc. This places them in a unique position to have a finger on the pulse of their respective job markets. Agencies know the who, what, and where of any available talent and have access to information like a candidate’s skill sets, salary goals, career expectations, and more. These traits allow employment agencies to serve as your business’s eyes and ears on the job market, keeping you up to date on both current statuses and future predictions.
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Getting Candidates, Not Applicants

It is an unavoidable truth that some people, when looking for a job, will apply to anything they see even if they don’t meet the full qualifications. Additionally, someone may have the education or work experience of a position but lack the hard or soft skills you are looking for. These applicants may be putting themselves forwards in good faith, but the fact remains that they are the sort of people your hiring process aims to filter out. What you want instead are candidates: people who meet your criteria and have the potential to make it through to the end of the hiring stage. Employment agencies excel at matching people to the criteria set forth by their clients, meaning you can be assured of a fine selection of candidates instead of having to slog through a pile of applicants.

Easing the Burden

Human resources staff may be responsible for your business’s hiring process, but that is far from all they do. Work on payroll tasks, employee development, and managing personnel all get pushed back when HR staff has to spend hours each day sifting through resumes and engaging in interviews in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Although these are important functions and the end result is ideally a talented addition to your company, employment agencies represent a way to add efficiency to this process and free up manpower. For small businesses without an HR department, this benefit is felt even more strongly as staff get freed up to focus on their primary duties and grow the company.

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