When it comes to conducting a thorough executive search that ultimately results in finding the most suitable candidate for an upper-management position at your company, trust the expert recruiters at Resolve Recruit Inc. We have many years of experience in helping small, medium, and large enterprises identify, locate, qualify, and recruit their ideal executive position holders at a very minimal cost. Leaving no stones unturned and employing both conventional and unconventional executive recruitment methods is our specialty, which is why we have an exceptionally high success rate in matching the appropriate candidates to the right companies and positions that perfectly complement their skill levels.

Criteria for Executive Employees

Generally, an employee’s skillset and level of education is considered when matching a candidate with an executive level position. However, in some cases, it’s their natural talent, strong work ethic, and commitment to advancing forward in their careers that sets the bar for greatness.

Our proven executive recruitment strategies work towards tracking only the top contenders in their respective fields and enforcing a straightforward approach. By contacting these individuals directly, we alert them to the fact that they’re a hot commodity in their industry and then offer them irresistible incentives to leave their current positions and work for our clients.

Unlike hiring lower-level employees, in which case applicants actively seek employment with specific companies or within certain workforces, executives are people who may not be directly looking for alternative work opportunities, but they might be enticed or more inclined to consider it if the right offer was presented to them.

From their perspective, this approach may seem like a chance encounter, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Our professional recruiters put in a great deal of time and effort and use our extensive resources to find the top performing candidates for your company—and this is no accident.

Understanding the Executive Recruitment Process

In fact, our executive recruitment process is very rigorous and detail-oriented compared to most other job search agencies. At Resolve Recruit Inc., we pride ourselves on our top qualification skills that guarantee a perfect match based on skill level, education, and track record. Here are just some of the tactics we use:

Requirement Assessment

This works on both ends. First, we take the time to acquire, comprehend, and then assess the requirements of the company for which we’re recruiting candidates and then we measure those specific requirements against the exact qualifications of the potential recruits. This is a foolproof method that’s worked wonders for our clients over the years and almost always renders an exact match while significantly improving your company’s turnaround rate.

Determine Candidate Specifications

The next step of the recruitment process is to understand and deliver upon the expectations of the potential candidate. It’s important to guarantee that their professional priorities, goals, and core values are in perfect alignment with the company that’s hoping to acquire their expertise and services. After all, the key to a successful partnership is working to achieve the same goals and offer incentives they’re not receiving from their current employer to sweeten the deal.

Setting Practical Search Strategies

By working with various industry leading organizations, we have access to countless employment databases and resources that measure the skill levels and potential for success of certain executive recruits. These sources of information give us the upper hand to set effective and practical strategies in place when it comes to finding the most qualified recruits and establishing an in-depth, multilayered interviewing process that singles out the candidates that are the best fit for your company.

Talent Mapping and Sourcing

As a direct extension of the practical search strategies we utilize is our ability to properly map and source talent directly. Locating strong recruits with exceptional leadership skills and work ethics is one thing, but getting them to even consider jumping ship and joining your team is a whole different ball game altogether. Through our exclusive and dependable resources, we can expand your company’s talent pool range and give you access to more qualified candidates that you might otherwise not have been able to access.

Candidate Evaluation and Shortlisting

All candidates must go through a thorough and rigorous multipronged application process that’s designed specifically to weed out the least likely hires from the most likely ones. Once we’ve interviewed all potential recruits, we then start cutting down the number of candidates through a detailed process of elimination and then shortlist the candidates that we believe to be the best fit for your organization.

Identifying the Top Prospects

Only the most qualified, experienced, and eager candidates will make it through to this round. Top prospects are typically selected based on a combination of factors including their proven track records in their respective fields and how well they do throughout the interview process. All of these factors are taken into careful consideration throughout the hiring process.

Conducting the Final Interviews with Clients

Ultimately, the decision of who gets hired and who doesn’t is up to you. We just do the grunt work in presenting you with who we believe to be the best possible candidates for the position you’re offering. Candidates that make it through to the final round of interviews have been carefully screened and hand selected by our recruitment experts.

Selection and Follow-Up Communications

Executive staffing is a challenging task that requires the utmost of expertise in various industries as well as dedication to the craft of matching specific organizations with the right candidates. It’s important not to take the final selection process too lightly and only follow-up with candidates that you’re truly interested in hiring. Depending on your preferences, we offer to perform this service on your behalf or invite you to contact the candidates personally.

Executive Staffing Positions We Recruit

As one of the top executive search firms in North America, we’ve recruited qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • CEOs
  • Directors or Vice Presidents
  • Executive Directors
  • Presidents of major and minor corporations

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start acquiring the most talented candidates in your industry, then Resolve Recruit Inc. can help. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, our unmatched candidate assessment strategies and services are proven to help you expand your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.