7 Major Misconceptions about Recruitment Agencies That Job Seekers Have


There are quite a lot of job seekers misconceptions when it comes to recruitment agencies. Let’s address these recruitment myths so that anyone seeking a job in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) knows the truth.

You Can Only Get an Entry-Level Job

Recruiters are used by companies to fill every kind of job in every kind of industry, from entry level to senior management. If you’re looking for a job in a specific field or industry, chances are that a recruiting agency can help you out.

Agencies Cost Money or Require a Commission

Recruitment agencies do not, in fact, charge for placement. It is the companies looking to do the hiring that pay the recruiter a fee for their services.

Recruiters Know Nothing

The reason companies love using recruitment agencies is because recruiters know what it takes to succeed in different industries. They are very good at finding the right people for the right jobs. Because they are tasked with delivering the goods over and over, recruiters have a nose for employment opportunities that may suit you.

Agencies Only Offer Temp Jobs

Some consider “recruitment agency” to be a synonym for “temp agency.” Nothing could be further from the truth as recruiters are looking for people to fill all kinds of positions, including part-time, full-time, contract, maternity leaves, and even freelance positions. Furthermore, if you’re performing well in a temporary or short-term contract job, a company may hire you permanently.

They Decide Who Gets the Job

Your recruiter can definitely broker an introduction to some fantastic companies. If you’re interested, they can offer a glowing and accurate recommendation for you. But it is wholly contingent on you to have “the right stuff” before an employer will decide to take you on.

Recruiters Are Only Looking to Fill the Worst Jobs

A recruiter who has been around for a long time knows that their success is contingent on repeat business. Therefore, they have a vested interest in only showing you opportunities you are really passionate about, so you can be placed in a company where you’ll find success and fulfillment according to your aptitude.

A Recruitment Agency Is the Last Resort

A recruiter can provide valuable guidance, motivation, and inspiration from the very first moment you begin looking for a job. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn about preparing your resumé and your interview technique from an expert who cares.

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