6 Strategies for Hiring Temporary Seasonal Employees


There’s a lot of hiring going on these days, and that’s a good thing for people looking for work and for companies looking to step up production. Moreover, with fall-winter holidays coming up, there’s going to be even more hiring happening. 

6 Seasonal Recruitment Strategies

It’s not always easy for companies to hire seasonal workers and there are a lot of factors employers need to consider. Need some tips? Here are six key seasonal recruiting strategies you can use to cope with these hardships.

Consider Hiring and Screening Tools for High-Volume Hiring

You need staff, the right staff, and you need them fast. Hence, it’s good for a company to have a talent management system in place. Once the word goes out that you’re hiring, you’ll likely be inundated with applicants. Having the system and staff to sift through the applications and screen through who is most qualified will save employers time and effort. It’s also good to have professionals to handle interviewing and recommendations.

Expand Your Talent Pool with Employee Referrals

You’ve got some great employees, but where do you get more? Look to your existing staff to refer others. People that have worked together often know each other’s abilities and will swear by someone they know that would fit well with your company. Furthermore, pre-existing worker associations make for a happier team, and you can offer incentives to workers if they recommend a candidate who is a good fit for your company.

Prioritize Candidates Who Are Available at the Same Time Next Year

If you hire regularly for seasonal work spikes, it’s good to keep a record of proven staff that are willing to come back for the next seasonal work period. A lot of today’s workers thrive on short-term work as they do other projects on the side—for example, music, artwork, etc.—or work in various contracting jobs as their livelihood.

Make Your Onboarding Process More Efficient

Bureaucracy in hiring is part of any company operation. But sometimes it can be overly complicated—too many interviews, excessive documentation, intense probation periods, and training, etc. It’s good to reduce this for seasonal hiring to get employees hired, trained, and working as soon as possible.

Don’t Assume High Unemployment Makes Seasonal Hiring Easy

It’s good that you’re offering work but be ready for some hard work to get the roles you need filled for a seasonal role. You have to abide by labour laws, enforce safety, screen employment records, and motivate workers once they get onboard. Often during the holidays, seasonal workers have more than one option, so your company has to be competitive in the hiring process.

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