5 Things You Should Know before Hiring Temporary Employees


Many think hiring a temporary employee is different than hiring a permanent one, but it’s actually a very similar process. The process of hiring seasonal employees should be taken just as seriously since seasonal workers often complete the same work as permanent employees would. Companies may opt for seasonal workers for a variety of reasons, including a gap left by an employee on leave or vacation, to avoid being understaffed during a busy season, or for extra manpower on a special project.

Whatever the reason for seasonal employment, it’s important to remember that hiring quality employees should always be a priority. Things like employee verification and employee confidentiality agreements shouldn’t be overlooked just because their employment won’t be permanent—in some cases, these stipulations are even more imperative with temporary and part-time employment. Keep reading to find out about the five key points to remember when hiring temporary staff.

Hire Quality Employees

Even though your temporary staff won’t be with you forever, you don’t want to skimp on quality. It can be easy to overlook some pitfalls in experience or personality when your hiring needs are through the roof, but try to remember that hiring unqualified employees without checking references can cost more than it’s worth—it can even result in theft, decreased productivity, and poor morale. Hiring a seasonal employment agency to do the work for you is a good way to avoid poor-quality seasonal workers since they’ll have more time to put in to searching for qualified candidates.

Employee Verification Is Still Important

It’s no secret that applicants may lie on their resumes to get a job—and this isn’t any less true for temporary roles. Conducting employee background checks isn’t a step that should be overlooked, especially if skills needed for the job depends on a degree or certification. If you hire someone who has lied about their credentials and fail to do a background check, there’s no way to make sure they won’t make crucial mistakes and that could cost your business.

hiring temporary employees

Be Clear about the Seasonal Employment Period

While most employees understand that a holiday position isn’t permanent, it’s better to emphasize this to avoid giving them false hope. Outlining the seasonal job period is especially important when they’ll be filling in for someone on leave or vacation—there’s no way they can know how long they’re needed, and it’s your job to let them know. If you’ve hired a temporary staffing agency to recruit for you, make sure to get everything in writing, including that they understand that you have the right to end their employment before the term is over to avoid any legal implications.

Have a Confidentiality Agreement

Having a non-disclosure agreement with your seasonal employee can be even more important than having one with a permanent staff member. Your seasonal employee may come into contact with sensitive information that could potentially hurt your business, and you don’t want them to make that information public once their seasonal contact is over. Having a confidentiality agreement will safeguard your business against them giving any insider information to your competitors.

Temporary Staffing Agencies: Outsource the Responsibility to the Experts

Recruitment is a vigorous process, and it takes a lot of time and effort to find quality candidates. If you need temporary employees, then you’re likely understaffed already or are on the verge of needing a lot more help. With all that’s going on, the last thing you probably have time for is searching for and assessing candidates to help you. Let Resolve Recruit, the temporary employment agency near you, take the reins and find the ideal seasonal staff members for you. We’ve built relationships with a wide variety of clients over the years and guarantee we’ll be able to find the perfect candidates for your company. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your seasonal recruitment a breeze.