4 Ways to Recognize a Bad Recruitment Agency


Hiring a recruitment agency to conduct your candidate screening process and staff your company is a big deal—you’re basically entrusting the future of your company to this recruitment agency. So how can you tell the bad recruitment agencies from the good ones? You’ll have to go through recruitment agency screenings to try and figure out which are reputable, and which ones employ recruiters that are professional and trustworthy. To learn how to choose a good recruitment agency in Toronto, take a look at our checklist below.

Do They Have Proper Knowledge of Your Industry?

Recognized recruitment agencies should have adequate knowledge of your industry—after all, how would they staff your company if they don’t know anything about what you do? You’d be surprised at how many agencies try to do just that. Ask prospective recruiters about their experience in your respective industry, and what their success rate was like. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews and about their past experiences to learn more.

Are They Professional?

First impressions matter. The agency that you choose will be the first look that applicants get when interested in a job with your company, so you want to make sure it’s a good one. The experiences they have with your recruiters will set the tone for the rest of their time with your company—professional recruitment agencies will give your candidates the best first impression and experience possible. Furthermore, some candidates, when unimpressed or underwhelmed with the hiring process, will dismiss your company altogether. You want to make sure you have a shot a scoring high-quality candidates; to do this, you must have a high-quality hiring process.

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Are They Screening the Right Candidates?

When a recruitment company can’t be bothered with giving you personalized, attentive service, you’ll find that they’ll just send any applicant your way, regardless of whether they’ve met your requirements. Good recruitment agencies will always be attentive and pay close attention to what you’ve listed as necessary qualifications, and only send quality candidates your way.

Is Their Screening Process Thorough?

In addition to screening the right candidates, their screening process needs to be thorough. Often times, sub-par agencies will send you “qualified” candidates to interview, only for you to find out that they have little or no work history, negative references, or just aren’t the right fit. Recruitment agencies need to be able to screen each candidate thoroughly before sending them to you to avoid wasting your and the applicant’s time.

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